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How can Email help Your Business?

An animated gif image of how to design custom emails inside SiteRight

Design Beautiful Emails to Convert Sign-Ups

The first step to establishing a consistent lead flow for your business is to capture user's email addresses. But what do you do after that? The SiteRight's drag and drop email builder allows you to easily create emails that match the aesthetic of your website.

Personalized Elements Beyond "First_Name"

With SiteRight you're able to create ultra- personalized emails that go way beyond the typical, "Hey, firstName...". You can add images with dynamic fields for any of the custom attributes that are associated with the contact.

How to create personalized images in emails with SiteRight
Example of SiteRight's workflow automation builder

Automated, Manually, Dripped or Scheduled.

You have the power to send emails to your contacts based on an unlimited number of factors. If a user performs X action, you can add them to a workflow that adds them to a chain of emails specifically related to the actions they took.

with SiteRight  👉  you get all three...

and so much more.

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