Top 10 Copywriting Tips

Here are 10 copywriting tips that will increase clicks and conversions on your website, ads, emails, and more:

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Understanding how to write effective copy is a key marketing skill that can earn you millions.

Here are 10 copywriting tips that will increase clicks and conversions on your website, ads, emails, and more:

Tip 1: Use negative competitor reviews

Look at competitors' negative reviews on places like G2, Amazon, etc.

These reviews are a goldmine of pain points. Use them to your advantage:

Mobile invoices look unprofessional.

✅ Send beautiful invoices on the go.

Tip 2: Real conversation test

When writing copy, read your words out loud.

If you wouldn't use those words in real conversations with customers, eliminate them.

Simplify and make people say "aha" when they read it:

Automate app data to streamline efficiency

Easy automation for busy people.

Tip 3: Remove friction words

Friction words are: sign up, submit, create account, book a call.

Each phrase produces friction by creating more perceived work vs GAINED value.

Tell them what they'll get, not what they have to do.

Sign Up For Rewards

Receive My Rewards

Tip 4: Conviction statements

If you don't have conviction and confidence in your copywriting, users won't feel compelled to take action.

Turn soft phrases like "we help with" into strong promise statements:

We Help With E-Commerce Shipping

2-Day E-Commerce Shipping. Guaranteed.

Tip 5: Transformation + time frame

Specificity and clarity drive action. Be clear with the transformation users will achieve with your offer.

Increase desire by using specific time frames:

No transformation. Vague time frame.

Learn no-code tools to improve skills fast.

Clear transformation. Concrete time frame.

From beginner to no-code expert in 12 weeks.

Tip 6: It's about THEM, not YOU

Don't boast about what you've done. Tell users how their life will be improved by your product.

Use "You" variations frequently.

Meet our biggest collection of frames yet—an eclectic mix of new acetates and metals in never-before-seen shapes.

Your new frames, your style, your way - an eclectic mix of shapes for every moment.

Tip 7: Lower their risk

Asking a user to "check out" your offer forces them to risk time and effort without a clear reward.

Lower their risk by making it clear what they'll get in exchange for their attention.

Check out our top three tips for using Slack to make remote work better for your team.

Three unexpected ways to save your team 2 hours of work.

Tip 8: Speak with, not at.

Don't dominate the conversation. Speak with your target audience instead of commanding them to action.

Instead, explain how you enable their transformation.

Use Shopify for everything you need

With you wherever you’re going

Tip 9: Curiosity gap

Curiosity gap = identification of new and valuable knowledge. The gap in the reader's existing knowledge compels them to click.

This is great for email subject lines.

Wednesday’s Crypto Analysis Forecast

✅ Must-Read Crypto Analysis… From Someone Who Lived 100 Years Ago!

Tip 10: Concrete descriptions

Phrases like "command center" produce imagery in the reader's mind.

Help your readers visualize your product by anchoring it to a concrete description.

❌ Your tool for remote work

✅ Your command center for remote work

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