How to Capture More Leads with @JasonTheSEOGuy

Did you know that 75% of businesses don't have an established tech-stack?!

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Did you know that having good content is not enough to grow your business?

@JasonTheSEOGuy was missing out on a ton of new business generated from his TikTok...

Simply because he didn't have the right software (or strategy) in place.

In order to use TikTok to its fullest advantage, he needed to:

  1. Capture the information of people interested in his content quickly and efficiently.
  2. Nurture them by providing additional value based information (fully automated).
  3. Convert leads into paying clients through new meetings booked on his calendar.

After he implemented this strategy, the leads immediately started to roll in.

Did you know that 75% of businesses don't have an established tech-stack?!

What's worse is that they are unaware of all the money they are leaving on the table because of it!

That's why in the first week of implementing SiteRight for his business, @JasontheSEOGuy was able to get 5+ new high-ticket clients.

Completely on autopilot.

And the best part?

Jason didn't have to pay $1,000's to some lead generation agency.

His tech stack was able to capture and convert people from his audience organically which brought in high quality leads.

Results in the First Month!

The process of acquiring new customers on auto-pilot is quite simple once you have the right system in place.

The strategy is to push users through a funnel that will capture their information allowing you to send them emails and text messages automatically.

"I thought I was going to lose all my business leads, but with SiteRight, on a per week basis, I'm actually getting more leads than ever before. I couldn't believe how quick it turned around. I can't imagine how busy I'll be when my next TikTok video pops off."  - @JasontheSEOGuy

How to Capture More Leads

In order to effectively set this up you can use the SiteRight website and funnel builder to create the landing pages.

SiteRight Items Needed:

  1. Link in Bio Landing Page with a Single Free Offer/ Opt-In (see my link in bio for an example).
  2. Squeeze page with a form to capture the information of interested parties (name, email, phone number).
  3. A survey to ask questions to help better understand who this person/ potential customer is. (helps you personalize an offer for each person).
  4. A landing page that contains the Free Offer/ Thank you page information and a call to action for an upsell offer.
  5. An email gets automatically sent to the user with a link that points towards the free resource thank you page.

The best part is that you can automate your responses, send notifications to your team or follow up immediately with a text message or even a voice mail drop.

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