New SiteRight Features & Updates - Enhanced Notifications, TikTok, Company Object

New updates that provide more control over custom fields and organization of your contacts.

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1. Notification preferences & enhancements

You can now choose to enable or disable SiteRight notifications. If it's one thing we would like to avoid it's a flooded inbox — that's why we've added the ability to enable/disable notifications based on your preferences.

SiteRight notification preferences update

Here are the main 3 updates you need to know to optimize your SiteRight dashboard.👊

Conversation Notifications

SiteRight has updated its notifications preferences. Now available in your SiteRight account settings section, you can choose exactly how you want to be notified. You can choose to be notified for any of the following events:

  • Notify for all new conversations & messages initiated with the account
  • Notify when a conversation gets assigned to me
  • Notify for new messages on a conversation I am assigned to

Ability to enable & disable notifications based on user preferences.

You now have the ability to set notification preferences separately for web & mobile. This is helpful if you want to have the mobile app but not receive notifications.

New Notification Types (Task Notifications)

Get notified when a task gets assigned to you. In addition to manual internal notifications that can be added into a workflow, task notifications are sent regardless.

2. Contacts new feature - Custom fields folder

It is now much easier to organize the custom fields that attributed to your customers.

Ability to create custom folders & map fields in it

When you create a folder in the custom fields section it will create multiple drop downs in the contact field.

Ability to move fields (standard or custom) between different folders

The new view of the contact details page with folders

Ability to restructure contact fields seamlessly

3. New Feature - Company Object

Introduction of a new entity called companies in your account.

•  Ability to create companies & add their details seamlessly.

•  Ability to map contacts with companies and view details under the contact page.

•  Ability to add multiple contacts to a company.

•  Ability to view the group of contacts mapped to a company in a singular view.

4. TikTok Form Integration

Similar to the Facebook Lead Form Integration you can now connect your TikTok account to capture on-platform information and engage users with SiteRight automations.

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